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Neuromodulators and Filler

Nose mouth filler for handsome bearded man

EBL offers several non-surgical cosmetic services. Neuromodulation (Botox, Dysport) will get rid of stubborn lines and the signs of aging. Rejuvenate and look happier.

Rejuvenate and look less tires, happier, refreshed with filler. We use top of the line Juvederm products that provide the best most natural look that lasts longer than other products on the market.

More importantly, meet our master injector, Dr. Carolyn Nessim who is a surgeon and a medical expert in non-surgical cosmetic with a great eye providing honest and realistic consultations to meet your needs and what you are looking for. Her goal is to reach your complete satisfaction in a safe environment.

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Need a girls night out? What a rest and rejuvenation with your friends? Want to do something special for your bestie for her bachelorette or her shower?

Come to our Beauty lab where we can organize a Cocktail party where you can enjoy some bubbly while getting your nails done at our nail bar. Or organize and Botox and Filler party for Rejuvenation.

Whatever the occasion we can likely organize it for you. You would get the upstairs all to yourselves for your special occasion.

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